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Eva’s Footsteps

Evas Footsteps
Photo-A-Day #1737

Today we took Eva to visit her Great-Grandparents on Allison’s side. First we visited Grandpa Bob and Grandma Jackie and there Eva entertained them with her antics. We were joined by Allison’s brother Nate and his wife Sarah and their daughter. Having the two kids in the same room was a joy to us all. We were later joined by Allison’s Aunt Jan and Uncle Jim. It was a really nice afternoon and after lunch and some snacks we headed over to see Allison’s other Grandparents John and Eva.

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Reviewing the Shots

Reviewing the Shots
Photo-A-Day #1570

Nice day visiting with Allison’s parents, her brother and sister-in-law and her Grandparents. We went up to Nottingham, NH for a visit with Uncle Nate and Auntie Sarah and their baby girl. My niece is so cute. I am a very proud Uncle of course. We did see evidence of Eva getting jealous of the baby but she made it through.

The visit was a very nice one and we are looking forward to our trip down to Florida in September (prior to IZEAFest) to visit Dan and Marcia. We also hope to get a chance to go up and visit with Nate and Sarah later this summer and into the Fall (when it is cooler) to spend a little more time with them and our niece.

On the way up to their place we passed the BBQ place that we had wanted to try on the last visit. The sign out front said “Now Open Mondays” We had to laugh. We had wanted to try that place on our last visit but of course it was a Monday and of course it was closed that day. Did us no good today. We did stop at an ice cream and snack bar on the way home and I had Purple Cow ice cream which is Black Raspberry with chocolate chunks and white chocolate chunks as well as raspberry candy pieces. Could have done without the raspberry crunchies, they did not add to the ice cream but I do like the use of White Chocolate and regular Chocolate chips with a fruit base, I want mine in Strawberry Ice Cream though.