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Pre-New Year’s Eve Errands

Photo-A-Day #3916

Friday's Artwork by Eva

It was a day filled with running around. All those last minute things that you try and do at the end of a home vacation or the end of the year. The kids had some checks from Christmas so we made a couple of stops at the local banks to make deposits. At one bank we had the kids deposit all their change that they’ve been gathering for a pretty long while. Those kids had some great hauls from their change. I even turned in mine. May give me a little spending money for the month. We’ll see.

A quick pop over to the Post office to get a package out to Auntie Mo and then off to Toys R Us to make a return and let Eva get a new Barbie and Andrew some more Marble Run pieces. He loves building Marble Runs. I think he loves losing the marbles and watching me lose mine more, though. An even quicker stop at Target to return some Disney Infinity figures, I am hoping that I get them sent to me soon. I contacted my contact who is going to send them over to me, soon I hope. I want to play the new The Force Awakens Play Set. Continue reading Pre-New Year’s Eve Errands

Long Exposure to the Cape

Photo-A-Day #1946

Today my brain got pretty fried because I was watching demos for most of it. It is soul suckingly boring to train someone to demonstrate then watch them do the demonstration over and over. It is just so easy for the mind to wander. When that happens I have a notebook with me to put down my ideas so I can get back and try and concentrate on the task at hand which is to observe, take notes and give good feedback. Some people derive a sense of satisfaction and joy at training other people and seeing them progress. I thought I would be that person. Not so much. Continue reading Long Exposure to the Cape