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Team 1 For Skylanders Swap Force

Photo-A-Day #3112

Yesterday I received Skylanders Swap Force in the mail from a PR company for Activision. Today I started playing the game. I was going to wait until I got the Wii U version from my pre-ordered Dark Edition from GameStop but I couldn’t wait and Eva wanted to play with me this morning. So, I opened the box and I played, a lot. I noticed a few things so far.

I had been leveling up every one of my existing Skylanders and completing individual character quests. There are individual character quests in Swap Force and they are pretty cool but repetitive from Giants. Also, the quests that you completed in Giants do not carry over to Swap Force. You pretty much have to do them again.

I do have some additional figures and a whole bunch of them are arriving tomorrow. I’ll be making videos of each one of them so that is why they are all still in their boxes. I’ve played with some of them in the box but will free them once I get these videos made. I’ll also try and get a little game time with the Nintendo 3DS version that arrived today. That game came with Free Ranger, Rattle Shake and Volcanic Lava Barf Eruptor.

Have You Found Scarlet Ninjini

Photo-A-Day #2953

Today I came home from picking up Eva to find that there was a package waiting for me. Inside that package was a very rare Skylanders Giant, Scarlet Ninjini! The figure is mine to keep and I have no obligations to review it, but I wanted to give you my 100% personal opinion of the figure. I was so excited because I had heard that it would not be released here until May 19th. I certainly hope that is the case and that Scarlet Ninjini isn’t just limited to the overseas market because that is where people are getting her at this time. It is good to see that she’ll be released in the US as well. I made a little video about Scarlet Ninjini.

I also took a few comparison shots as well.

Ninjini and Scarlet Ninjini

As you can see Scarlet Ninjini is more of a Teal skinned figure with a red costume and dark hair with gold swords. I like the look of her very much, but I am more of a fan of her original coloring. Maybe I just like her with red hair over the dark hair. Scarlet Ninjini is a great addition to our Skylanders collection.

You can find out more about Skylanders and Skylanders Giants through social media channels and the Skylanders website. You can follow Skylanders on Twitter and on Facebook and there are fun videos on YouTube as well.