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First Day of School 2020 – 2021

School Year 2020 - 2021

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Today was the first day of school for the kids. Allison went back to school on Monday and this year she is working with the Kindergarten classroom. The kids go to school in cohorts. This means that they go to school either Tuesday/Thursday or Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This was Tuesday/Thursday week. The kids had a nice time at school even with the new normal. They have been troopers through the entire process.

Allison has her hands full with 22 kids in her class. They have the cafeteria because the class is a large one and the kids in K and Pre-K go to school every day. Allison also coordinated the before care and after care programs. She’s working very hard through everything going on.

Last Day of School Breakfast

Last Day of School Breakfast

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Andy came into our room this morning to let us know that he intended to make a special breakfast for the last day of school. At least he let us know first, sometimes he does not do that, he just mixes up pancake or crepes mix. He doesn’t make the pancakes or crepes but he can mix everything up. We got him to hold off until after Allison and I could go for a morning walk. However, once we got home Andy put Allison to work getting a nice big breakfast together. She made special pancakes, sausage AND bacon, strawberries and more. We had a nice breakfast and then the kids finished up their last day of school.

It was also a big day because Eva has been doing an Outschool class, she started on Tuesday. She had that and she also hosted a dance party for her school friends. I helped her set up my office with the green screen so that she could play DJ and dance around with a cool background. The girls loved this event so much they decided that they want to do one each week with a different decade as the theme for the playlist.