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Eva’s Center for the Arts

Photo-A-Day #2402

Yesterday evening when I awoke form my afternoon pre-work nap. I was greeted by some things on every step of the stairs. Eva had laid out a bunch of her things and she informed me that they would be going into her Art Box. This was the first that I heard about an Art Box, but Eva wanted to take one of my many boxes from SwagsGiving toys and decorate it. What she really wanted to do was make a box and put the Disney and Sea World Stickers that I had on the box. So for a few minutes before I headed to work yesterday I sat with Eva and we started decorating the box. We’ll probably use it to store the art that she brings home from pre-school because she has a whole Art cart for her art supplies. Continue reading Eva’s Center for the Arts

Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens Tampa is really in for a treat. 300+ bloggers from IZEAFest are going to be descending upon the place on October 1st. Are you going to IZEAFest? No? Well you certainly should be because you get to go to not one but Two Awesome Theme Parks for the price of your IZEAFest ticket! Check out this announcement from Ashley at IZEA. BTW he’s the man!

But that announcement is one that is going to make tomorrow’s announcement from me all that much great! Yes, tomorrow’s announcement is going to be awesome!