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Spending a Couple Days in a Windmill

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For the next couple of days we are staying at my uncle’s parent’s place. The house is a windmill located in a quiet neighborhood in Chatham, MA. The kids were so excited to stay there. There had been arms on the place but they were not there when we were. I remember them as a kids when I used to play with my older cousin.

We arrived, unpacked and explored. There was a little play area down the street with a climbing structure. Both kids were so excited to play on it. They both really enjoy climbing. I climbed a little but it was too small for me. The holes where you put your feet and hands were way too small and really hurt my feet. The kids did get a kick out of me trying, though.

We enjoy a quiet lunch on the patio. The neighborhood was so quiet even with a large truck digging a new septic next door. It is still better than sitting in my own back yard listening to my neighbors.

My Aunt Cindy came over in the afternoon and we all went out for dinner at Kreme and Kone. They do a real nice Fisherman’s platter which I split with Allison.

Before heading back to the Windmill for the night we stopped at my grandparent’s house to visit with them. We had a nice visit and then it was time to turn in. The kids slept on the second floor of the windmill, Andrew wanted to sleep on the 3rd but we figured that there was no need to dirty another set of sheets so they shared a bed with a pillow wall between them. Allison and I relaxed outside for a bit before the bugs got too bad and then a little while longer inside. There was no TV or cable and we turned in early happy for the Cape Cod night air to sleep.

Family Road Trip to Evelyn’s Drive-In

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Today was a pretty awesome day. At 9am the Chevy Camaro Convertible arrived. It is bright yellow! I was so excited because I could drive BumbleBee around for the better part of the next week (more on that later). I signed my paperwork and got the keys. The guy dropping it off asked if he wanted me to have him pull it into the driveway. I said no thanks and took off up the road. I drove the car up by the farms on Ellis road with the wind flying by, it was Awesome! Continue reading Family Road Trip to Evelyn’s Drive-In