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Shelburne Farms Photowalk

I finally put together my photowalk gallery for the trip to Shelburne Farms last week. I decided on about 40 images that I liked. I added them to a Flickr Set and then uploaded one to the group I started New England Photowalking. I usually post photowalks on The Benspark but because this was an outdoor activity I figured that this would be a great blog to showcase the photowalk.

If you are unfamiliar with photowalking it is a term to mean going out walking around with the sole intention of taking photos. That’s it, take tons of photos improve your skills and have a great time.

Start here with the map of the photowalk. this was captured using my GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr. What a great device for Photowalkers. Automatic geotagging.

Photowalk at Shelburne Famrs

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A Visit to Nashoba Valley Winery

Photo-A-Day #547

Today Allison and I made a road trip up to Stow, MA to Shelburne Farm to go for an impromptu apple picking adventure. The day was absolutely beautiful. We got to the farm and saw that they had apple picking, pumpkin picking, a little store and some beautiful scenery. We went to the store first and picked up a mix for Apple Crisp. Then we realized that we didn’t have quite enough apples at home. We had picked up some Cortlands at The Big Apple in Wrentham, MA last weekend. So we decided to go out to do some apple picking. We brought our cameras and had intended to just go on a photo safari day. Today was a day about saving some money and spending some good time together. It was a great day.

We headed out to the orchard and started by picking a few Macouns and then some McIntoshes and then a couple of Cortlands. We only picked a peck and Allison loaded it up with as much (and more) as could fit in the bag. We got our money’s worth from the day. Here are a few pictures from Shelburne Farm.

After the farm we went over to the Nashoba Valley Winery. If you get a chance to go there some weekend I recommend that you do. Take the tour, it is only $3.00 a person and you get a souvenir wine glass and get to taste 5 or so wines. The wine is reasonably priced. We picked up a bottle of their Dry Pear wine. We also took a few pictures there as well. Inspired by our friend Amy’s fantastic pictures of wine country in California, I set up a few shots with the bottle and the glass. Today’s photo is one of the set up shots and some photoshop work to make it look more stylized.