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Shelby and Tim’s Wedding

Photo-A-Day #2353

Today was my sister Shelby’s wedding. She asked me to take photos of she and the girls getting ready for the day ahead. I took photos as they had their hair done by our family hairdresser, Amanda. All of the girls came to the house and Amanda and another hairdresser did the girls hair. Eva wanted curls, where this came from I am not sure but that is what she wanted. All of the girls were getting their hair done in long banana curls and I guess Eva wanted that too. She was really good about getting her hair done too. I took a bunch of shots of the girls getting ready, some accessories, Shelby’s dress and more. We were actually pretty well on time too. Continue reading Shelby and Tim’s Wedding

Flower Girl Rehearsal

Photo-A-Day #2352

Today we drove to the Cape for my sister Shelby’s Wedding Rehearsal Dinner. We started by picking up my cousin Madison because we asked her to watch Eva tonight while we went to the dinner. She’s taking classes online and had a break between classes so we could shoot down the Cape early. We got ready in the morning and then picked her up and headed down. The weather was perfect. Continue reading Flower Girl Rehearsal