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Transformers Prime Predacons Rising Available on Digital

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising on Blu-ray and DVD

To tide me over until the release of the new Transformers cartoon on the HUB in 2015 I can re-watch Transformers Prime including the movie Predacons Rising. Predacons Rising looks like it will be the jumping off point for the new cartoon. Although I have the movie on Blu-ray it can be purchased digitally as well. Then I can watch it everywhere. Continue reading Transformers Prime Predacons Rising Available on Digital

Transformers Prime Predacons Rising DVD Giveaway

Optimus Prime Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons RisingOn Tuesday October 8th the movie Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising will be available to purchase. I received a Blu-ray/DVD copy to watch and review. I wrote an early review of the movie but wanted to go into a little more detail and hopefully, not give away any spoilers. Haven’t heard about the show or the movie, here’s the trailer.

The movie takes place after the events of the series finale of Transformers Prime. The Autobots are now on a Cybertron that is beginning to be rebuilt. Optimus and the crew are just beginning that rebuilding process after they revived the planet’s core. The movie explores some themes that I hadn’t thought that a Transformers franchise would explore and they do something so very interesting with Megatron that you have to watch it to get the full effect. He’s bigger, badder and meaner than ever but something happens to him that I never thought I’d see.

Predaking is still around, nursing his wounds from the battle with Megatron in the series finale. But there are other predacons around and we see how they all interact with each other.

Optimus goes on a quest to find somethign that he hid from Megatron during the Great War. Bumblebee shows more of his mettle. The other bots are part of the story but sort of take a smaller role in deference to Bumblebee, Prime, Megatron and Predaking. It was a very compelling story.

If you would like to win a copy of the movie (on DVD) you must reside in the United States, can provide me with a mailing address and can answer me this question.

Who is your favorite Transformer?

Leave the answer in the comments below. I’ll pick a winner this Friday. Continue reading Transformers Prime Predacons Rising DVD Giveaway