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ShutterCal Formats

Photo-A-Day #2521

I’ve been working with the online Photo-A-Day site, ShutterCal for a few years now. I have two full years of my Photo-A-Day photos printed out and saved in a ShutterCal Shoebox. My Photo-A-Day images are displayed every day with the ShutterCal logo and if you click the image it links back to my full calendar. ShutterCal is soft launching some new features including the ability to customize how an image is displayed on my blog. I tried it out today by removing the black border, date and my name. I kept the ShutterCal logo in the bottom right of the image. What do you think? Do you like the Border or no border? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

February ShutterCal Prints have Arrived!

shuttercal images

My second print pack from ShutterCal arrived today. The prints came out perfect. This time I spaced out all the captions properly and they look great. I’m grateful to Shuttercal for providing me with the prints to review. They are going to be an amazing set of keepsakes in our house. That is partially why I have so many shots of Eva this year. I just love that I have some great memories captured and also ones I can physically hold.