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Lighted Snowman

Photo-A-Day #3538

I took my NX1 down the street tonight to take some photos of the lights that one of my neighbors has. He always decorates big for Christmas and Halloween. I took my NX1 and a tripod and set up on the sidewalk to attempt to get some good light’s photos. I wanted to get that starburst glow pattern from the lights. You can get that from a long exposure and a bunch of other factors. I’m not the best at explaining how it all works together but I can figure it out most of the time. You’ll have to click on today’s image above to see what I mean, check out the lights at the bottom of the photo. Those have the starburst pattern to them.

Photo-A-Day #999 01/02/07

Photo-A-Day #999

Going back to work after a 4 day weekend always makes it tougher to get back into the swing of things. However I have a big demo on Friday and 3 in a row next week so I got right on the ball today. It actually made things fly by as I worked really hard on the demonstration. It is a sort of new one based on an old one so there are just a few things to relearn but I also have to make sure I hit all the new points.

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