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Review: Slugterra: Slug Power

Slugterra: Slug Power DVD

Shout! Factory Kids has been excellent in producing Slugterra DVD collections. I was sent the third volume in the series with five more episodes to watch and review. Opinions are 100% my own.

Ever since I gave the first Slugterra DVD a chance, and quickly made the show one of my favorites, I’ve been a fan. Until recently, our DVR was mostly filled with every Slugterra episode that has been on Disney XD. Even though we had the first five episodes on the first DVD we still kept the episodes on the DVR so that my daughter could watch whatever episode she wanted whenever she wanted. Well, the new television season is almost upon us so it was time to clean out the DVR. So I’m glad that we got this new DVD set with five more fun episodes that I could remove from the DVR. Continue reading Review: Slugterra: Slug Power

DVD Review: Littlest Pet Shop: Little Pets, Big Adventures

Littlest Pet Shop

We received a copy of this Littlest Pet Shop DVD set to watch and review. Eva has gotten a few Littlest Pet Shop toys throughout the years and while she likes them and thinks they are cute she didn’t really do too much with them. What got her excited about them, however was the show on The Hub. She was super excited to watch the DVD set of the first five episodes of the series. I watched them with her and found them to be funny and well done. I enjoyed the animation style and also the voice work on the show.

The story revolves around a girl named Blythe who moves from a small suburb to the big city. Her dad is an airline pilot (not one that you’d want flying your plane, he’s so absent minded). Blythe doesn’t have many friends in the city and she accidentally find her way into a small pet shop at the bottom floor of her building. The Littlest Pet Shop, as it were. She finds that she can talk to the animals in the pet shop and she finds a purpose in her new life. She must save the littlest pet shop and her new friends from the Mega Mart-esque Pet Shop. This immediately runs Blythe afoul of twins Brittany & Whittany Biskit whose dad owns that giant pet shop.

After watching this DVD the show became one of Eva’s top picks and is now being recorded on our DVR. More about the show and a special activity page below the jump. Continue reading DVD Review: Littlest Pet Shop: Little Pets, Big Adventures