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Hey Sid Whadda Ya Say! What You Want to Learn Today!

Photo-A-Day #2681

When I first say Sid the Science Kid I was a little freaked out over the Muppet look with CGI. It was odd and strange but it quickly became a show that Eva enjoyed. The Muppet look comes from the show being made by The Jim Henson Company. Since the show was released it has gained in popularity and there are a couple of fun apps based on the show. We already have Sid’s Science Fair app and Eva loves that. The app we are trying out today is Sid the Science Kid Read & Play. Continue reading Hey Sid Whadda Ya Say! What You Want to Learn Today!

PBS KIDS Halloween-themed Programming Preview

Wild Kratts - "Little Howler"
Image Courtesy of PBS Pressroom

I had the absolute pleasure of receiving multiple screeners for the upcoming PBS KIDS Halloween-themed programming that will be starting October 17 and continuing through October 31st. We received screeners for Dinosaur Train, Sid the Science Kid, The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That and Wild Kratts. Eva and I watched all of them together. My favorites were the Wild Kratts ones. I love that show. Maybe it is the creature suits, but I think it is the easy flowing way that the Kratt Brothers, Chris and Martin, interweave information about animals with the entertaining storylines.

We watched three episodes of Wild Kratts. One on Raccoons, another on Wolves and one on Sharks. When the Wild Kratts “Predator Week” airs, starting October 17th, there will be even more new shows including one on Cheetahs and one on Birds of Prey, raptors. I really liked the episode on Wolves called “Little Howler”. I’m a sucker for anything about wolves because they are my favorite animal and I learned a thing or two from the episode. Continue reading PBS KIDS Halloween-themed Programming Preview