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Our GMC Sierra Denali Experience

For the first week of June our family was able to test out a GMC Sierra Denali for free. Opinions of the experience and the vehicle are 100% our own.

Just Look at that Shiny GMC Grille
So new, so shiny, so black. I can’t wait to drive this.

When the GMC Sierra Denali arrived on Monday morning I was thrilled to see that it was black. That is my favorite color for a car or truck. The guys dropping it off went over a few things with me and told me that it was a diesel engine. I’m glad that they did because I had no idea and I wouldn’t have wanted to put in the wrong gas. I didn’t have to worry though because even through I drove the truck for every errand for a whole week plus two trips back and forth to work I still only managed to use 3/4 of a tank.

Rainy Day, nature's car wash
Finally got the powder coat of pollen off the GMC Sierra Denali with nature’s car wash, rain.

This was a good sized truck that took up over half of our tiny driveway. I had to park my car on the side yard for the week. I had attempted to clean out the garage before the truck got here so I could park my car there, but I needed the GMC Sierra Denali to help with the cleanup. Continue reading Our GMC Sierra Denali Experience

She’s got a Taste for Tailgating

Photo-A-Day #2980

I was given the chance to test drive a GMC Sierra Denali for a week and tell you what I think of it. Opinions are 100% my own.On Wednesdays I usually take Eva to swimming lessons and occasionally it is nice out so we can eat our lunch outside before the class. Well, today I got lunch from D’Angelo and took Eva to the World War I Memorial Park to have a picnic. We fond a nice shady spot and I took out our food and put the tailgate down on the Truck. Eva was all excited to sit in the bed of the truck and have lunch. It was going pretty well until she told me that she had to go potty. So, we packed it in and went over to the Y to finish lunch. Not, before I got a couple of cute photos of Eva and the truck. Continue reading She’s got a Taste for Tailgating