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Pop Rocks Challenge!!!!

Kids Being Sweet
Photo-A-Day #4231

It was a nice day at home. The kids had fun playing together and they also helped me with a couple of videos. One is going to take me a while to complete but the other one is a Pop Rocks Challenge. I was at Five Below this past week and bought a mess of Pop Rocks. One package of each color and I wanted to see what the kids thought of Pop Rocks. The kids have wanted to try out these candies for a while. Eva has never had them before, but Andrew tried them once and he liked them. Eva has been fearful of them a bit but she agreed to try them out. I think that they got a lot of laughs out of the challenge. Andrew loved it. They also loved it when I put a bunch in my mouth and then tried to talk.

Allison worked on Andrew’s birthday cake for his party tomorrow. He’s having a Finding Dory themed party at the karate studio. What he doesn’t know is that he gets to cut his cake with a sword. He’s gonna flip. I have to make sure to get that on video. It should be a great time.

And speaking of Finding Dory. We watched the movie this afternoon. Well, I watched for a bit and then started to fall asleep so I went up to bed to rest before work. Tomorrow will be a busy day.

Review: Awesimals iPod and iPhone Cases for Kids

* The Product for this review was provided. I had to buy the app in order to fully review it. Opinions are 100% my own.

Awesimals for the iPhone 4S

The other day I received an Awesimal in the mail to try out and to review. I met the folks from this company while I was at Toy Fair this year and asked if I could check it out. Awesimals are colorful character cases for iPhones and iPods. The company makes a few different colors for the Awesimals and there is also an App that can be used with the case. The App is $0.99 and does a few things. I’ll get into both the case and the app deeper in a moment. I would like to say that I gave this to my five year old daughter and she had a lot of fun playing with the app. It had her laughing and saying all sorts of silly things for the app to repeat. Continue reading Review: Awesimals iPod and iPhone Cases for Kids