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Unboxing A HUGE Haul of Skylanders Imaginators

Skylanders Imaginators Haul
Photo-A-Day #4201

I received a big box of Skylanders Imaginators figures from Activision for free to review. Opinions of the game and toys are 100% my own.I was so surprised to find out that I was going to be getting a full set of Wave One toys for Skylanders Imaginators. The only thing I am missing is the Chompy Mage which is an exclusive to Amazon.com. It is only being sold as part of the Villain Sensei 5-pack. I had ordered that and the Sensei 8-Pack but cancelled those orders after today’s delivery. The box itself was 13 pounds! Inside there were so many figures in the box. I couldn’t even open all of them today. I decided then to just unbox the starter pack so that I could play it tonight. That didn’t even happen until later tonight. I did have an embargo until 7pm tonight and used that time to create a couple of videos. First up is my opening the giant box from Activision.

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Skylanders Giants Erasers

Photo-A-Day #3501

My favorite Skylanders Giant was Crusher. I picked up the Skylanders Giants Eraser of Crusher when it came out a few years ago. The other day I was at Target and they still had the Swarm and Tree Rex. The price had been reduced down to $1.00 so I picked them up. There are many more items out now for Skylanders and finally a comic book series has been created by IDW. This is something that I’ve been hoping would happen ever since Spyro’s Adventure. The Skylanders franchise lends itself perfectly to a comic book series. In addition to the monthly comic there are now a bunch of mini comics out. I found three at GameStop today and at Toys R Us they have Micro Comics packaged with the legendary traps. Continue reading Skylanders Giants Erasers