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Unboxing The cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Pack for Skylanders Imaginators on the Nintendo Switch

Skylanders Sensei Wildstorm - Cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Pack
Photo-A-Day #4370

Activision sent me the Cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Pack with Skylanders Sensei Wildstorm, a Life Creation Crystal and an imaginite chest with over 80 parts.

Wildstorm is a Knight Battle Class Sensei of the Air Element and having him unlocks a whole new level, the Cursed Tiki Temple level. It is full of all new baddies and lots of fun.

I loaded in the character as well as the imaginite chest full of 80 imaginite items. Now I have a ton of new stuff to use to create new Imaginator characters. On top of that there was the new Life Creation Crystal and despite already having that design I can still use it to create a new character of a different battle class.

I noticed that the chest provided new ultimate weapons for the imaginators. One weapon for each battle class. Something I failed to point out in the video below. The video shows you more about the character, his catch phrase and much more. Of of the cooler looking characters to come along.


Activision sent me the gameplay video to use in my video. I am still working out how to capture great gameplay on my Nintendo Switch so that I can give you more gameplay videos. This new Adventure Pack releases on April 7, 2017.

#Unboxing Skylanders Spring Edition Hard-Boiled Flare Wolf

Hard-Boiled Flare Wolf
Photo-A-Day #4342

I popped into Toys r Us today because Thursday’s offer a 10% discount for TRU credit card holders and I also had a $10 off coupon. So I took a look to see what they had. I found Hard-Boiled Flare wolf for Skylanders Imaginators. this is the Spring/Easter themed repaint of Master Flare Wolf, a character I really like.

I’m so very excited for the launch of the Nintendo Switch and even more excited because I received the Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack for the Nintendo Switch from Activision. I’m just so excited to see how the game works on this new system. Unfortunately my Nintendo Switch is not arriving until next week. But until then you can enjoy this unboxing of Hard-Boiled Flare Wolf. Also, below I have more information on Skylanders Imaginators for the Nintendo Switch.

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