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My Skylanders Windfall

Skylanders Giants
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00197

I went and got a haircut today. The woman who cuts my hair knows that I was a big time Skylanders collector and her kids used to play the game. She’s cut my hair for so many years and we’ve talked about a ton of pop culture in that time. We talked Skylanders a number of times, too. So she remembered that I enjoyed the game and offered me the figures that her kids had. I was more than happy to take them off her hands. She gave me about 10 of them including a bunch of doubles. I mean I have all of them already but to get two doubles in the haul now gives me even more. I am thinking that maybe I take them and customize them with some paints. Might be fun to do. I made a video of my haul below.

Unboxing Skylanders Imaginators Tidepool and Blaster-Tron

Master Tidepool
Photo-A-Day #4420

Activision sent me two Skylanders Imaginators Figures for free to play with and review. Opinions are 100% my own.

Master Tidepool is one of my favorite new Skylanders Senseis. This is a new female character who is of the Water Element and of the Battle Class Quickshot. She is covered in all sorts of things from the ocean. Her armor is a cross between seashells and barnacles. Her helmet has a nautilus shell on it, too. Also, her hair is seaweed and her skirt is like a scallop shell. She has fun powers, too. She shoots ink with her squid guns and then can launch one of them and it will embed itself into the ground and attach enemies. She can also summon a whale to attack bad guys, too.

Blaster-Tron is a former villain that was trapped in a traptanium crystal in Trap Team. He looks like a 1950’s interpretation of a robot. He is of the Light Element and the Knight Battle Class. He’s got this wicked cool sword that shoots lasers. He can also shoot out a bubble that can encapsulate the enemy. He can also shoot the rockets off his back with an energy beam in between them to ensnare and trip up enemies.

We are nearing the end of all of the releases of the Skylanders Imaginators. We are still waiting on Master Ro-Bow. Now I have to work on completing this game because it is one of the most fun Skylanders games I have played so far.