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Way To Go Patriots!

Photo-A-Day #2480

The Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks. Eva was so excited to watch the game. she doesn’t quite understand it and to tell you the truth I’m not 100% either. She does love to cheer though. I cam downstairs after sleeping for the afternoon and Eva was watching the game. I gave her the Gund Gridiron Bear and she had fun playing with that. She would ask us which paw to press. Offense, Defense, Boo or Touchdown. She loved it. Andrew had some patriots gear on today too but since he’s a spit up machine (that is what happened to my Patriots shirt) and soiled his clothes. So no cute one of the two of them in their patriots outfits. Continue reading Way To Go Patriots!

Andrew Turns 1 Month Old

Photo-A-Day #2449

Andrew turned one month old today. Already he’s changed so much. I’ve been keeping a ShutterCal calendar of Andrew and have been taking a photo of him every day since he was born. I’ve been taking the photos using my iPhone and uploading them through the ShutterCal app. The app has been great for quick uploading of the photos I’ve captured with the phone. Today’s photo features a Belly Banter sticker commemorating the milestone. Continue reading Andrew Turns 1 Month Old