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S’mores Night!

Smores Night
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00162

We ran out of gas in the gas grill. Because of this I pulled out the charcoal grill. I grilled up some chicken before Karate and dance but however, the coals were perfect when we returned home from everything. We used Allison’s Mother’s day gift, the S’mores container. We love getting some time together making S’mores!

National Graham Cracker Day

Photo-A-Day #3740

Another beautiful day on Cape Cod capped off with some good old fashioned S’Mores. We spent much of the day at the beach. That was after easing into the morning by hanging out on the porch with the kids. Andrew and I did drawings together. Shelby came over with the kids, I got to hold Kylie while she pounded some blueberries. She is such a sweet smiling baby. I can usually make her laugh. At the beach Eva was transformed into a mermaid by my mom. Andrew wanted the same thing and I buried his legs when Eva went back to the house.

Today was also National Graham Cracker Day. We celebrated with a bunch of S’Mores.