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#SwagsGiving – Fotobox Slideshow Creator

The second prize in my Swag Bag for SwagsGiving is the gadget and software bundle Fotobox Plus (aff link). Allison won this in a giant box of swag from Jennifer Leet from The Dirty Shirt. Congratulations to Brendan Recupero of no time 2 ride.

About the prize: A plug and play product to make photo slideshows quickly and easily directly from your memory cards. The box includes an SD card reader with software built in to make slideshows. I’m not keeping it because I’ve already got a way in which to make slideshows. Looks like a pretty sweet product though because it can make the slideshows and immediately port them to Facebook and YouTube. You can also easily add background music and different effects and use themes. Hmmm, maybe I might want to keep this…

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About SwagsGiving!

SwagsGiving is going to happen each day from November 1 to November 30th. Each day I’ll put up a SwagsGiving post explaining how to participate. The post will also have an announcement of the previous days winner plus what the person won. Here’s the twist. You won’t know what you are winning until it is announced. I have prizes from Seagate, Kodak and Toy State as well as books, and various other prizes. So, here are the rules.

Today is your second chance to enter to win a prize from my SwagsGiving event. Remember to come back each day to see if you won and to enter for the next day’s SwagsGiving Prize.

Ways to Enter (Leave 1 Comment for EACH Entry)

  • 1 Entry – Mandatory to Enter – To enter the contest leave a comment on each day’s SwagsGiving post with your guess about what might be in my SwagsGiving Swag bag. Leave this as your FIRST comment.
    (If this is not done your entry will not count)
  • 1 Entry – Follow BenSpark on Twitter
    (Leave a Comment with your Twitter name)
  • 1 Entry – Subscribe to BenSpark‚Äôs Personal Branding BootCamp
    (Leave a comment letting me know you signed up)
  • 1 Entry – Tweet about SwagsGiving… something like
    @BenSpark is clearing out his Swag Bag. Prizes abound during #SwagsGiving – Enter here http://bit.ly/dkmHs7
    (Leave a comment with a link to your tweet. Here is how to get that link to your tweet)

I will not respond to any comments so that I can run the Random.org numbers correctly. Any trackbacks are unapproved while I select the random winner and then re-approved after. Only legitimate entries are counted. You have until midnight to enter for that day’s prize. Once midnight rolls around (or as early the next morning as possible) I will close the comments. Each morning at 9:00am the new #SwagsGiving post will go up. The winner will be notified via e-mail and will have 48 hours to reply with a U.S. Mailing address so that we can send the winner their prize. Contest is open to U.S. Only. Prizes will be mailed out at the end of the month. You may win more than once. Please enter every day on the SwagsGiving post for that day.

Is there Spyware on your Computer?

I am willing to guess that there probably is some spyware on your computer. It is very prevalent everywhere and I am constantly battling to get rid of it on my computer. I go to so many sites day in and day out that I have to be picking up nefarious programs along the way without even knowing it.

I have been reading about Webroot Spy Sweeper software and how they are “SHX OGUONPR ZI RWP MAEJ ZUSBO-VCJSFPX OPKJCBLUSBP SGDURMPR”, what you can’t read that, well that is because it is in code. You can decipher the code at Autokey Chiper.

However, I could just tell you that “SPY SWEEPER IS THE MOST AWARD-WINNING ANTISPYWARE SOFTWARE”. I was interested in what awards this Spy Sweeper had won so I went to the site and checked it out. The first thing I noticed was that it has won 7 PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Awards. That right there flat out did it for me. I see PC magazine everywhere and they have been around a very long time. For a product to win the Editor’s choice award seven times is a sign of a solid product. Not to mention that this product has also won awards from PC World, C|Net and Smart Computing. There is an extensive list and the secret code is right on the money. Find out more for yourself about the best way to kill spyware on your PC.

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