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Outdoor Seating

Photo-A-Day #3458

I no longer get to sleep on Fridays. Allison is working and so I have Andrew for the day until Allison and Eva return from school. So I try to wear the kid out as much as possible on Friday so I can get a few moments of downtime and peace and quiet. I love the kid so much but he is non-stop when he is awake. So, my plan is to wear him down in the morning with Play Group and while it is still nice out we can go for walks in the woods or to a playground. Today we took a walk around Oak Knoll Audobon Sanctuary.

Our walk was a decent one. We walked out to the pond which was all covered in leaves and not very pond-like. We walked along some bridges and Andrew had fun running along them as quickly as he could. He jumped on little rocks and checked things out. He generally had fun and only asked me to pick him up and carry him a couple of times. I could tell he was tired.

We stopped at one spot that had a little teepee and some seats made out of logs and branches. We stopped there on the way out and the way back to share his snack. On the second time back through I set up my camera on the set that Andrew is in and took a timer shot of us.

Captured a Little Moment with Andrew

He slept for an hour and a half but I didn’t sleep while he slept. Always one more thing to do.

Luckily when Allison came home I got an hour nap in.

Holding Him Close

Photo-A-Day #2930

After the events in Boston yesterday I couldn’t do much other than watch the news, Facebook and Twitter. I couldn’t put into words exactly what I was feeling about what happened without raging so hard with hate and anger or crying about the terrible loss of life, innocence and joy. While I most certainly feel that terrible things happen to the individual or individuals who committed such a heinous cowardly act, what is most needed in times like this is courage and love.

Courage was what I saw displayed by the first responders, runners and ordinary people. I have read stories of acts of kindness and love from complete strangers to each other. That is really what is needed in response to these terrible acts.

For us, we took Andrew to the park to play. Watching him run around kicking the soccer ball and giggling like crazy just filled me with joy and then gripped me with fear. Fear that this sweet little boy could be ripped from our lives because of an act of extreme selfishness and cowardice. I just want to hug him and his sister forever.