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All new LEGO Dimensions Wave 7 Packs are Out!!!

New LEGO Dimensions Fun Packs
Photo-A-Day #4238

A couple of days ago I got a notification that a LEGO Dimensions Fun Pack was going to be available for me to pick up at Best Buy. I guess that when I ordered previous LEGO Dimensions packs I pre-ordered the E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Fun Pack. I had forgotten all about that. So, I went over to Best Buy today and picked that up as well as the Sonic the Hedgehog Level Pack. I had another gift card so I took care of those purchases. I learned yesterday that I will be getting the Fantastic Beasts Story Pack and the E.T. Fun Pack. Yes, I’ll be getting two of that same pack. I’ll find someone who wants that or maybe do a giveaway. I may also be getting the Gremlins Team Pack to review, but we’ll see on that one.

During my errands I also went to Toys R Us and they were doing a buy one get one for 40% off. I also had a $5 off voucher so I picked up the Tina Goldstien character from Fantastic Beasts and the Marcline the Vampire Queen character from Adventure time. I have no other Adventure time sets and will wait for them because I don’t watch the show. However I’ll get them at some point. Here is my reveal video and when I receive the other sets I’ll do actual gameplay videos.

Because today was the big launch day for 6 new wave 7 sets. What follows is a press release about the sets as well as some screen shots and the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer. Continue reading All new LEGO Dimensions Wave 7 Packs are Out!!!

LEGO Dimensions Releases Wave 6 Today

LEGO Dimensions Packs
Photo-A-Day #4185

Today LEGO Dimensions released a whole bunch of new sets as part of Wave 6. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment sent me a couple of packs for free to review. They are the Ghostbusters Story Pack and the Mission Impossible Level Pack. I also pre-ordered the B.A. Baracus Fun Pack and the Harry Potter Team Pack. I was planning on getting everything up and ready to go today and do some unboxing videos but I forgot that I had to update the software and that takes some time. Once I did that then I had to download the level packs. Because Tuesdays are crazy busy all around I did not end up with videos made.

Once we got home from all the errands I played a little on the Wii U Gamepad while the kids watched TV. I think I have to go and play with the full TV on next time so I can see everything. I seemed to be missing out on some things. So, tomorrow I’ll be making the videos. In the meantime you can see my vlog from today and after the jump you can read about all the new things with LEGO Dimensions Year 2.

Continue reading LEGO Dimensions Releases Wave 6 Today