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Shogun Hibachi Fun!

Shogun Hibachi
Photo-A-Day #2082

Tonight Allison, Eva and I went to Shogun Hibachi for dinner. It was not planned that we would go there but yesterday was just one of those days. I drove home in the snow, slowly, very slowly. I stopped and picked up a raffle prize that we won from the North Attleboro Winter Farmer’s Market (Movie passes and Kettle Corn, Yum!) Then I stopped to get gas. My fuel door would not open. For about 20 minutes I tried everything I could to open it. Frustrated I went home.

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Love and a Hellfire Brownie

Photo-A-Day #1773

Happy Valentine’s Day 2010. We had a nice day together as a family. Allison and Eva gave me cards and Eva loves be because I brought her to the “fish feeding store” i.e. Bass Pro Shops. After a nice Mass we helped distribute some Dunkin Donuts Munchkins to people. That was sponsored by the Marriage Prep Ministry. Allison and I have been on the Marriage Prep Ministry for a couple of years now and we’ll be part of the upcoming one as well. While we were there Eva had her fill of munchkins and she played with some other little kids and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

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