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Review: Air Hogs DR1 FPV Racer Drone

Air Hogs Drone
Photo-A-Day #4570

We received the fun and exciting Air Hogs FPV Race Drone for free to play with and review. Opinions are 100% our own.

So, after Sweet Suite this Summer I contacted Spinmaster about some of their great toys. I really wanted to get back to working with the Air Hogs line. They have some fun drones and RC land vehicles, too. I have a bunch of them that I love to fly. I was thrilled and surprised when I opened the box and discovered the DR1 FPV Race Drone. This little drone is a super fast powerhouse.

I’ve used it a number of times and each time I get better and better with it. I started off in the beginner mode. I was having a tough time completely controlling it and then I switched to expert mode and it worked much better for me. I was even able to snag a pretty cool video. I flew the drone and let Andrew wear the googles. He loved it! The Googles are fantastic. They allow you to see what the drone sees in real time using your phone and the FPV app.

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I noticed after a few times that my rotors were picking up cat fur. So much so because of my crashes that the rotors weren’t spinning fast enough to lift up the drone. Luckily you can easily pull off the rotors and clean then off. That got the drone speeding like crazy. I was glad to find that out and make the quick fix so we could get back to flying.

Here is the official description of the DR1 FPV Race Drone: Race through the skies with the Air Hogs DR1 Official FPV Race Drone! You’re in the cockpit with First Person Viewing (FPV)! Download the free app to a smartphone, place it in the headset, and start piloting like a DR1 drone racing professional with a livestream from the camera on the drone. Auto-takeoff/land, barometric pressure height lock and beginner/advanced modes make flying effortless for any level of pilot.


  • Wifi based record and streaming video in app
  • Beginner and advanced modes
  • Ducted propellers for increased durability


  • 1 Drone
  • 1 Controller
  • 1 Headset for smartphone
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 Instruction sheet

#BBNYC17 A Hard Rock Morning & A Glittering Hatchimals Night

At the Hard Rock Cafe
Photo-A-Day #4475

Despite being up pretty late last night I only slept until 7am. I actually fell asleep with my phone and therefore did not charge it overnight. Whoops. I when I awoke I packed up everything that I was given at Sweet Suite. I unfortunately had to take the LightSeekers toys out of their packaging so I can’t do an actual “unboxing” of them when I do my review. But, if you’ve seen one person take something out of a box then you’ve seen them all, right?

After packing everything up and checking my bag with the luggage robot at Yotel (check it out in the video), I met up with my friends Tim and Allison of Jones Family Travels. These guys are the nicest folks and their two kids. They were also headed my way to a breakfast at the Hard Rock Cafe for YouTubers. Tim and Allison and their kids have a popular YouTube Channel and they go on all sorts of crazy fun adventures. They are part of the Family Video Network. A Multi-channel Network that really works for their partners, unlike the MCN I stupidly joined about 4 years ago. Once I am out of that contract I am looking towards the Family Video Network. They really help their people. They also were gracious enough to invited me to this breakfast and treated me like part of their family. That was really nice.

Breakfast was fun and it was great to see all these YouTube kids playing together. I think that Eva and Andrew would have fit right in. I’m thinking that the family will have to make the trek down to NYC next year. This year I will concentrate on making the YouTube Channel more popular with the kids and Allison’s help.

After breakfast I walked over to The Cantina Rooftop for another event. This was the Stuff for Moms & Dads” Media event. ?It was hotter today than yesterday but the walk wasn’t too bad. There was a wait to get in and once upstairs I was able to check out the few things that I was interested in. I missed one thing that I learned about later, I wish I had seen it. I’ll have to figure out how to review the product.

I walked back to the hotel with some friends and then hung out in the lobby for a few hours until it was time for my next event. That would be my last event of the day. While I was hanging around I made a quick little stop motion of the LightSeeker toys.

My last event of Blogger Bash was a private party for Hatchimals from SpinMaster. It was the release of Hatchimals Glittering Garden. There were a ton of YouTuber kids and their families at the event. It was well decorated and at a fun location that overlooked part of the city. They had some very tasty snacks including pretzel bites that were stuffed with hot dogs and stone ground mustard. They were excellent and I had a bunch of them.

There were also mocktails that were colored and named for the different Hatchimals. Then of course there were a ton of Hatchimals that were put out for the kids to hatch. I waited till near the very end and picked up one of them to bring home for the kids to hatch. As luck would have it the goodie bag that I was given as I left contained a second one. This way, the kids can each have their own.

I headed to the train station and had a pretty easy ride home. I got home after midnight and then got woken up by Andrew around 4am. Welcome home. I did miss them all very much.