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Celebrate National Space Day with a Limited-Edition NASA-Inspired Etch A Sketch

Nasa Etch A SketchSpace is limitless and so are the possibilities of creation with an Etch A Sketch. I personally am not that skilled with creating on one of these toys but I loved using it when I was younger. Now people are creating such amazing artwork using an Etch A Sketch. I’m so impressed! Well, NASA has teamed up with Etch A Sketch for a very special Limited-Edition Etch A Sketch. And I have all the details on how you can get your hands on one.

Etch a Sketch Space

In celebration of the out of this world launch, Spin Master, the leading global children’s entertainment company behind Etch A Sketch, has partnered with The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF) to encourage a new generation of creative explorers. ASF works to support the very best and brightest in STEM while commemorating the legacy of America’s pioneering astronauts by providing scholarships to extraordinary college students. A contribution from the Etch A Sketch NASA-Inspired Limited-Edition will be made to benefit the foundation and the extraordinary students it supports.

Limited quantities of the NASA-inspired Etch A Sketch will be available on EtchASketch.com for $19.99 starting on May 1. The limited-edition launch is one of four limited-edition collaborations with inspiring and imaginative classic brands to mark the 60th anniversary year of Etch A Sketch.

Available: EtchASketch.com

Review: Air Hogs DR1 FPV Racer Drone

Air Hogs Drone
Photo-A-Day #4570

We received the fun and exciting Air Hogs FPV Race Drone for free to play with and review. Opinions are 100% our own.

So, after Sweet Suite this Summer I contacted Spinmaster about some of their great toys. I really wanted to get back to working with the Air Hogs line. They have some fun drones and RC land vehicles, too. I have a bunch of them that I love to fly. I was thrilled and surprised when I opened the box and discovered the DR1 FPV Race Drone. This little drone is a super fast powerhouse.

I’ve used it a number of times and each time I get better and better with it. I started off in the beginner mode. I was having a tough time completely controlling it and then I switched to expert mode and it worked much better for me. I was even able to snag a pretty cool video. I flew the drone and let Andrew wear the googles. He loved it! The Googles are fantastic. They allow you to see what the drone sees in real time using your phone and the FPV app.

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I noticed after a few times that my rotors were picking up cat fur. So much so because of my crashes that the rotors weren’t spinning fast enough to lift up the drone. Luckily you can easily pull off the rotors and clean then off. That got the drone speeding like crazy. I was glad to find that out and make the quick fix so we could get back to flying.

Here is the official description of the DR1 FPV Race Drone: Race through the skies with the Air Hogs DR1 Official FPV Race Drone! You’re in the cockpit with First Person Viewing (FPV)! Download the free app to a smartphone, place it in the headset, and start piloting like a DR1 drone racing professional with a livestream from the camera on the drone. Auto-takeoff/land, barometric pressure height lock and beginner/advanced modes make flying effortless for any level of pilot.


  • Wifi based record and streaming video in app
  • Beginner and advanced modes
  • Ducted propellers for increased durability


  • 1 Drone
  • 1 Controller
  • 1 Headset for smartphone
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 Instruction sheet