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Unboxing Skylanders SuperChargers McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys

Skylanders SuperChargers McDonalds Happy Meal Toys
Photo-A-Day #4088

Activision sent me a set of the new Skylanders SuperChargers Happy Meal Toys to unbox and show you. I had already gotten Spitfire and Hot Streak back a few days ago. Andrew and I went to McDonald’s to play and also to tire him out and since it was the start of the Skylanders SuperChargers promotion I made sure to get myself a Happy Meal as well.

This time around there are six toys to collect. The characters are Spitfire, Shark Shooter Terrafin, Hurricane Jet-vac, Nightfall, Deep Dive Gill Grunt and Bone Bash Roller Brawl in their respective vehicles. These toys also come with stickers to attach to the toys. The stickers also have character stickers and each character comes with a Spitfire Skylanders Battle Casters Card that you can use to scan and see in 3D. They also have little McDonald’s medallions that can be used in the McDonald’s app.

Here is my unboxing or rather unbagging of the toys.

Happy National Donut Day from Skylanders SuperChargers

Skylanders SuperChargers was announced earlier this week and already the leader of the team, Spitfire is celebrating. He’s celebrating National Donut Day by doing some sick donuts in his signature vehicle, Hot Streak. Check him out.

I am thrilled about this new game. I love the change to the franchise. The way the toys are a bit different, not just the vehicles but the way each toy looks. I’m excited to see who the 20 SuperChargers are going to be. I’m still speculating that there will be 2 for each element with 8 reimagined characters we have seen from the past. We’ve already seen Trigger Happy, Stealth Elf and Terrafin, looks like the SuperChargers may be the same characters as Eon’s Elite. But I am predicting 4 brand new Light/Dark Element characters, no rehashed ones from before. Gotta build up that element. Here are a couple more photos of Spitfire and Hot Streak.

When #Spitfire rides #HotStreak they get super charged #Skylanders5 #SkylandersSuperChargers #SuperChargers

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