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3rd WordPress Providence Meetup

Photo-A-Day #1908

Tonight was the third WordPress Providence Meetup at McFadden’s Providence. This week I was responsible for securing the sponsor and I was able to get IZEA to sponsor the event. IZEA choose to sponsor as their property Sponsored Tweets. It always amazes me that people on twitter do not know about Sponsored Tweets. It was fun to talk about IZEA at the tweetup. Continue reading 3rd WordPress Providence Meetup

Messing with White Balance

Photo-A-Day #1846

The sky outside my window at work was pretty amazing this morning. I love when the clouds are huge and puffy. The sun tried to poke through a bunch of times. I took my first show and had forgotten to adjust the white balance so I switched and took another shot, I then decided to try multiple shots each using a different white balance option. When I went to choose the photo for today I picked all of them. I tried to move them so they were in the same place but matching up clouds is really tough. Continue reading Messing with White Balance