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Unboxing the Animal Instinct Marvel Collector Corps Box

Marvel Collector Corps
Photo-A-Day #4710

Recently I received a message that the Marvel Collector Corps is ending their subscriber service. I wish that they wouldn’t stop it. I enjoyed the boxes that I received and at first they were amazing. There used to be a pin and a patch in each box but now there seems to be a either or situation. So, the quality has gone downhill a bit and I wish that they had kept the quality going. T-Shirts and pins and patches were great parts of these boxes and then sometimes there were special covers for comic books and then those stopped showing up. So now it is random stuff and much of it is exclusive but the heart just doesn’t seem to be in it like it was at first.

This month’s box was called Animal Instinct and it included some of the animal based characters from Marvel. You can see it all in the video below.

Unboxing Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive: Squirrel Girl

Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive Squirrel Girl Funko Pop Figure
Photo-A-Day #4105

I unboxed the Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive figure from the Womenof Power box. The figure is of Squirrel Girl. I pretty much had nothing else going on today except I finished up season 3 of Banshee. That is a rough show but I do like the acting. There is one season left of the show and it is getting better and better. The stakes continue to rise and a new mystery is unfolding.

Once I finish with Banshee it is time to move on to Marco Polo Season 2 on Netflix. That is an incredible show. The acting on that is amazing and the sets and period stuff is also something to see. The actor that really stands out in Marco Polo is Benedict Wong who plays Kublai Kahn. He’s something to watch. I cannot wait to see how he plays the character of Wong in Doctor Strange.