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Unboxing the Funko Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty SITH Box

Smugglers Bounty Sith Box
Photo-A-Day #4666

My latest Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty box arrived today. I have been buying this since it started but I recently stopped the service. Well, that is after I had already gotten the year ahead. So, I’ll finish up later this year. I think the quality has just gone downhill. They used to be pretty consistent with a pin and a patch and a tshirt but now there are things missing each time. This one was okay, it had a couple of toys and a tshirt and also a pin. No patch. No page that tells me everything inside the box and the reasons for them. There is also a drink glass with Darth Vader on it. Darth Vader is also on the pin. They probably should have added some other Sith Lord there as well. The whole thing is in my video below.

Did You See Rogue One?

My Rogue One Shirt
Photo-A-Day #4266

The other day I received a great new tshirt for the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. IT was sent to me by Marshall, the PR rep for Disney. I was really excited to receive this. I can’t wait to wear it when I see the movie a second time with Allison. I hope we can get to the movies sometime during Christmas vacation.

Rogue One was released today and to celebrate here is a featurette about the main character, Jyn Erso played by Academy Award nominee Felicity Jones.

“Introducing Jyn Erso” featurette:

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, check out my Spoiler-Free review, below.

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