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I have Arrived for #KiaStinger Event #StingerIsHere

Stinger Stuff
Photo-A-Day #4599

I arrived in California today. It was a long flight but everything worked out great. I watched a bunch of movies and shows on my iPad. I love that I can easily download shows from Netflix and the Stream app. I was able to catch up on a couple of shows on the DVR.

When I arrived in California I was picked up by George. He was a really good driver. I had an excellent conversation with him, that made a great start to this adventure. Then I arrived at the Garland Hotel and it was a beautiful place. I got my package from Kia including my nametag and list of movies and events and more. Every detail was seen to. Every detail. There was a hospitality suite where they had some tasty treats. There were also great tunes and fun things to do including a special coloring contest. I worked really hard on mine but in the end I messed up and decided to just cover it with rainbow pom poms. But it looked so much like the winner from the previous wave. Almost a complete knock-off.

Dinner was really fun. There were several stations with themes based on 70’s movies. There was a station for Chinatown, Jaws, Willy Wonka, The French Connection and The Godfather. There were many really good things to eat, too. They even had a live band playing.

The Garland has a screening room and they were playing episodes of The Brady Bunch. I watched the “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” episode. The Garland is right around the corner from the actual Brady house. They were also showing 70’s movies and I did try and make it through Close Encounters of the Third Kind but I was way too tired. I got about 3/4 of the way through but my eyes would not stay open. I had to get some shut-eye for tomorrow’s road testing of the Kia Stinger.


Kia at SEMA

I received this exclusive video from Kia Motors America of the Kia Stinger Drifting. The Stinger GT will be at SEMA in Las Vegas and you can see the car drifting in person. It is amazing. I cannot wait to be driving that car. I really cannot wait at all for it. It looks beautiful and it is powerful, too!

Last week, we shared an image of the Kia Stinger Wide Body, an aggressively-modified GT car, which will be unveiled on the SEMA show floor next week with other custom Kia creations. But we’ll also be having a jaw-dropping good time outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center thanks to the Stinger Drift Experience.1 Come join us on the Gold Lot as pro drivers from Formula Drift send modified Stinger GTs sliding sideways on a twisty track built for raucous tire-melting action. In addition, there’s a spirited autocross to experience the Stinger’s stunning athleticism first hand.2

The Stinger will be performing hourly in front of a live audience from Tuesday, October 31 to Thursday, November 2. The only thing more impressive than Kia’s all-new high-performance fastback sedan is Kia’s all-new high performance fastback sedan with a pro driver behind the wheel. Don’t miss this. #KiaSEMA #StingerExperience

1 Professional driver on closed course. Do not attempt. 2018 Stinger GT prototype modified for drifting exhibition. Vehicle unavailable for purchase.
2 Closed course with professional driver supervision. Always drive safely and obey all traffic laws. Modified 2018 Stinger GT prototype.