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Outside and walking

Outside and walking
Photo-A-Day #1490

I just watched the trailer for the Revenge of the Fallen Video Game -I liked the Transformers Game from the 1st movie but probably would have liked it more on a gaming system other than the Wii. I just watched the Revenge of the Fallen video game trailer and it looks amazing. I really want this one too even if it is on the Wii, or maybe my friend Mike will get it for the PS3.

Worked from home today, got some things done.

After work took Eva for a walk around the neighborhood. We went by “Water” twice. The water is a little stream that flows for quite a ways through the town. I’m not sure with where it originated and where it ends but I know it goes through backyards all along the length of part of our walk.

Shopping Cart Experiment

Shopping Cart Experiment
Photo-A-Day #1451

This morning Eva and I went for a trip to the supermarket. I had really wanted to take my bike out and experiment with the Ultra Intervalometer script for the Canon Hacks on my SD 800is. But it was raining, so off to the supermarket we went. I decided to experiment with the hack while at the supermarket. I rigged up my camera to the shopping cart and aimed it back at Eva and myself. I set the camera for a 20 second interval. Then it was off to do our shopping. Here is a video of what that looked like.

The video is also an explanation as to why I was not doing Wii bowling tonight. Was anyone, other than Dina from Market Leverage TV, aware that tonight I was going to do two games of Wii bowling to raise money for the Niemann Pick Disease Type C?

Market Leverage is doing a Charity Bowl-A-Thon on Tuesday night from 7:00pm – 9:00pm EST. I will do two games of Wii Bowling that night and I am asking you too please sponsor me at $0.10 a pin. You can sponsor one game or both. You can pick game 1 or game 2 to sponsor or both. The most you would possibly owe after game #1 would be $30.00 and that is if I bowl a perfect game. Let’s just say that I’m not a perfect game bowler. Let’s also say that combined game 1 and game 2 might not even equal a perfect game. I’ll set up the webcam and broadcast through stickam. Once the games are over I’ll post a video recap and let you know how much you should donate directly to the Niemann-Pick Children’s Fund. You can donate online or via the mail, it is up to you. Here is more info about the Market Leverage Charity Bowl-A-Thon

Dina Riccobono of Market Leverage sent me information on a Charity Bowl-A-thon that ML is doing on Tuesday March 31st.


Market Leverage is sponsoring this Charity Bowl-A-Thon for the family of one of their publishers. Brisan and Parker Stults are the two eldest sons of Mike and Jennifer Stults. Brisan and Parker were recently been diagnosed with a rare genetic neurodegenerative disease called “Niemann Pick Type C Disease (NPC)” or also known as the”Childhood Alzheimer’s”. The outcome…Fatal.

I decided to sponsor Tim Jones as he plays on Tuesday night as well as Dina Riccobono. I also sent Dina a package of goodies to give to participants including some BenSpark.com hats and Photo-A-Day Calendars. Market Leverage is also doing an online raffle to raise money and they have some great prizes. I really want to win the Flip Mino HD. What Can I say I can’t get enough of Flips with my face on them.

After creating the video above I went back to my 1st experiment with the Ultra Intervalometer and decided to redo that video and add in all the images. You can see all the images on Flickr including the GeoTagged map. But here is the video putting everything together along with an explanation of what I did to rig up the camera. I swear I’ll get this on a bike soon.