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Silly Sleeper

Silly Sleeper
Photo-A-Day #4508

This year’s stuffed animal was a sloth and tonight was Andrew’s night to take it with him to bed. When we were saying prayers he was looking at it with such a cute expression. However, I did not catch that actual expression. So I asked him to go nose to nose with the sloth and just look at it. Of course, he had a silly little expression on his face instead. What a silly little guy.

Kindergarten Graduation Practice

Photo-A-Day #3351

In less than a week Eva will be graduating from Kindergarten. She came home today and she set up the chairs in the dining room to face us. Then she took her stuffed animals downstairs and set them up to be students. Of course she tries to do this and her brother is messing things up while she is trying to do things. She got a bit frustrated but eventually he calmed down. Eva did some of the songs that she is performing in her own graduation. She does love a production. She cracked us up.