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Hulking Out at the Beach With the SwimWays Avengers 3-D Swim Vest

Andrew in the Swimways Avengers 3-D Vest

When you get Summer products to review in the Fall and Winter you often forget about getting that review posted. This was the case with the Swimways Avengers 3-D Swim VestTM. We received a Large Hulk one for free for Andrew to test out and use. Opinions are our own.

This past week we were on the Cape for the 4th of July and we spent plenty of time at the beach. Our beach now allows kids to wear swim vests and play on floats and more. This is something that we were excited about because Andrew isn’t the strongest swimmer but he does like to get out there and swim. There is always one of us in the water with him at all times watching to make sure that he is safe. With the Swimways Avengers 3-D Swim VestTM he can be much more independent swimmer. That is great for me because he isn’t hanging all over me, kicking me and grabbing on my already sunburned back. Continue reading Hulking Out at the Beach With the SwimWays Avengers 3-D Swim Vest

Kite Flying Brings out the Smiles

Kite Flying Fun
Photo-A-Day #4027

While yesterday’s Kite Flying adventure ended in a polar plunge, today’s ended in smiles. Smiles were huge because of some very successful kite flying action. Andrew ended up flying Eva’s Turtle kite up to the end of it’s string. Eva flew my Ninja Turtle kite up to the string’s end as well. We had a great time watching them play and the smiles were huge on the kid’s faces. They loved the success that they experienced.

Today’s fun was about playing with some new toys, going swimming and enjoying our favorite pizza on the Cape.

As for the toys we played with some of the Tonka Climb-Overs and also the new Sky Viper HD Video Drone. Eva and I went over to the beach first thing in the morning to try flying the Sky Viper. I did not do very well. I crashed quite a few times and even broke a propeller. I replaced that but now I can’t get it flying anymore. I’ll have to fix that soon.

We had better luck with the Tonka Climb-Overs 4X4 Motorized Vehicles. The kids and I did a full review on those toys.

After lunch we went swimming at a pool around the corner. The kids had a great time swimming and jumping in to the pool. We had to talk to Andrew quite a few times and he’s not that strong a swimmer but doesn’t recognize that he’s not a strong swimmer. We keep right on him, though.

Dinner was over at Paul’s Pizza and it was delicious. It is one of the only places that has been exactly as good as it was when I first came to the Cape in 1981.