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Watch Your Relations With Other People Carefully, Be Reserved

Watch Your Relations With Other People Carefully, Be Reserved

Watch Your Relations With Other People Carefully, Be Reserved

I’m going to take liberties in today’s FortunateBluFrog post and change relations to relationships, I’m sure that is what the fortune means. Because I’m pretty sure I’m not out having “relations” with other people.

How Does This Relate to Blogging?

This one is pretty funny because it pretty much is the opposite of what you should do to be a successful blogger. Or at least that is what many people would lead you to beleive. Maybe if you were a bit more reserved online in your relationships with other people then you might be a little more successful.

That’s Crazy Talk

It seems that to be a success you have to continually shout from the rafters about your product. In blogging that means your blog. So if you aren’t constantly promoting your blog on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Stumble and the 20,000 other platforms then your blog will not become noticed.

With Everyone Shouting, Who is Listening?

And this is the problem with getting noticed in the blogging arena. You don’t get noticed because there is always someone who has a louder voice. In my own life I’m a pretty quiet guy, my friends and my family are all (for the most part) talkers. I’m a listener. I rarely speak unless I have something to contribute. I take the Silent Bob approach. I watch everything boil it down to the essentials and let you know what I think. Usually it is something funny or profound, mostly it is just something to contribute.

Are You Making a Contribution That Matters?

Are you actually making a contribution or are you just adding to the general noise. Sometimes Twitter makes me think of the seagull scene in Finding Nemo. Each bird just screaming Mine, Mine, Mine. That’s what I see much of the time on twitter. I think overall the hyping of blogs on twitter is going to run its course like everything else. If you are not making an actual contribution to the conversation you are going to end up out of the conversation by default. I guess you might want to take this fortune to heart and be a tad more reserved online. Work on your posts and craft them well find a few people to read them who will tell other people to read them. If your content is sound and worth it then it doesn’t matter how loud other people scream “Mine” people will seek out “Yours”.

Struggle as Hard as You can for Whatever You Believe In.

Struggle as Hard as You can for Whatever You Believe In.

Struggle as Hard as You can for Whatever You Believe In.

So vague and so non-committal, a great fortune because it is one of those that I can take and run with. If you haven’t noticed that I pretty much write stream of conscious on these particular type of posts then you haven’t been paying attention. I have no direction on these FortunateBluFrog posts and so today’s “Whatever you believe in” is a perfect hopping off point.

I believe in myself

Despite the post the other day about how I have a hard time taking praise from people I still believe in myself. Each day is a struggle to work as hard as I can to improve that self. This may mean working out (something I am finally doing with regularity after a 7 year hiatus, ugh!), or eating right or monitoring my blood sugar levels. These are pretty much the three things that I struggle with on a daily basis. As you know I love to eat. I love greasy fried foods and cheese and sweets. I love them, they are delicious and comforting.

I struggle with weight

I’ve always struggled with my weight. From 8th grade to Sophomore year of college I remained 185lbs. I was as tall as I am now, 5″10′ on a good day. Now I look back and see that I wasn’t that big especially now that I am wearing 45 additional pounds. I do feel like I am wearing a 45lb full body suit with me everywhere. Now some people might look at that and say that I’ve got nothing to complain about because the number of pounds I need to lose is minimal. I guess everything is relative.

Being average gets you nothing

Did you ever notice that the world loves extremes. Look at Extreme makeover home edition, the people chosen have such extreme hard luck stories, the houses they build are extremely over the top and Ty yells extremely loud. Then look at the biggest loser, here you have extremely fat people being yelled at by extremely enthusiastic trainers and then they lose an extreme amount of weight.

This isn’t just on TV either. If people are extremely poor they have programs to help them. And if, lets say a company, a banking or automotive one, screws up in an extremely spectacular way then an insane amount of money goes to bail them out. If people buy more house than they can afford well they are getting a bail out too.

So what about the Average person?

Screw ’em is basically the feeling. I pay my bills so no bailout for me. I am not super fat so no extreme makeover for me. My clothes aren’t even bad enough for Stacy and Clinton to mock me over. Nope the average dude works, pays taxes and does the same the very next day. That is why they stay average.

Can you break the chain of average?

Now I’m not suggesting that you default on your mortgage and hook yourself to an IV of gravy. I do however, I think you can break the chain of average without doing harm to yourself, your waistline or your credit. One way to do it is to work hard, every person who has made anything of themselves and who is a person that people respect has worked hard. I had to add the earn respect part because there are people who have certainly made names for themselves who are not respected.

Working Hard isn’t Enough

If you are average you probably have been working hard your entire life. So why are you not more successful? And sadly I don’t have the answers you seek but maybe you have the answers for me. Leave a message about how you can break the chain of average in the comments.