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Have you Tried Caramel M&Ms?

Caramel M and Ms
Photo-A-Day #4401

M&M’s have a new flavor. They now have Caramel M&M’s and they are really good. They are also a little weird. They are like crunchy Rolos. The caramel on the inside is very much like the caramel in a Rolo and then you find that you have the crunchy candy shell mixed in with the chewy caramel. It is a weird mouth feel but the taste is very good.

National Potato Chip Day #DoUsAFlavor Taste Test

National Potato Chip Day
Photo-A-Day #4354

Today is National Potato Chip day and we celebrated by taste testing some new Lays flavors that are part of their #DoUsAFlavor promotion. Each year you can submit different flavors and the winning one gets a big time prize. Usually 4 flavors are created so that they can be tested and voted upon. I think these three were just made by Lays to promote the contest.