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Have you Tried Caramel M&Ms?

Caramel M and Ms
Photo-A-Day #4401

M&M’s have a new flavor. They now have Caramel M&M’s and they are really good. They are also a little weird. They are like crunchy Rolos. The caramel on the inside is very much like the caramel in a Rolo and then you find that you have the crunchy candy shell mixed in with the chewy caramel. It is a weird mouth feel but the taste is very good.

Jokers For The 40 Year Old Boy

Photo-A-Day #3341

For a few weeks I’ve been posting tweets attempting to get the attention of Chris Hardwick and his Nerdist Podcast. I really would love to see Mike Schmidt as a guest on the show. Two years ago I went to Mike’s one man show, Success is not an Option, and had a great time. I also went to dinner with Mike the night before and that was a great time. Mike spent a few minutes during the show ripping me apart because I ate all of the Avocado from a salad that we were sharing at dinner the night before. Mike likes to order a bunch of things and share them with the table.

So, on June 1st I tend to wear a 40 Year Old Boy T-shirt and think of how else I can promote Mike and his podcast because I think he’d be a great guest on The Nerdist. Hopefully someone will see my posts, photos and tweets.