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Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters NOW! My Initial NON-SPOILER Reaction

Seeing Avengers Infinity War in IMAX

This morning I headed to Providence Place to see Avengers: Infinity War in IMAX. I’d been trying really hard not to get any spoilers about the movie. I stopped looking at any of my social media accounts last night and today. I wore headphones all the way until the movie started so that I wouldn’t hear anyone discussing the movie. I was successful and I wasn’t spoiled at all as I watched. I was completely blown away!

I have to say that this was the one movie that was so much like an actual comic book. Each character got their moment. The interactions were spot on, too. I loved how so many characters played off of each other. There were moments of joy, laughter and also sadness. When the movie was over it was the loudest stunned silence I have ever been a part of.

You’re going to have to see it for yourself. I, myself, will be seeing the movie again.

I do have a great featurette below called “Wakanda Revisited”. Don’t worry, not any spoilers in it.

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AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR opens in theaters everywhere on April 27th!

Eva’s Trip to The Little Red Schoolhouse

Little Red Schoolhouse
Photo-A-Day #4405

Today Eva had a field trip to The Little Red Schoolhouse. This has been a trip that kids at her school have been doing for years. I went there when I was a kid, too. All the kids dress up from colonial times and they bring their lunches in baskets and things like that. She even had us make bone in chicken breasts the night before so her lunch could be more authentic. She’s definitely our kid.

Today I attempted a DIY project but it got stopped because I destroyed a portion that was needed. So, I had to put it on hold to go and get a special part. I’ll continue the project tomorrow. It is for a blog post coming next month.

I got a couple more Marvel LEGO sets recently to continue my collection of Marvel sets. I’ve got all the Guardians and am having a good time making these sets. We were going to build one of the sets during Built from Bricks but instead we worked on a fun stop motion, they take a long time to do.

Speaking of time. I did not have time today to make another stop motion or build of a set and instead today’s post is about a new organizational system that Eva is using for her LEGO pieces. Check it out below.