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Kart Kingdom Comes to Tablets

Kart Kingdom

The other day, PBS KIDS launched the free Kart Kingdom app, making PBS KIDS’ popular immersive digital world, previously available only on PBSKIDS.org, available on the go. Designed for kids ages 6-9, Kart Kingdom provides a safe, child-friendly experience for playing and learning, featuring a growing collection of fun, educational games for players as they interact, craft and complete quests.

Kart Kingdom empowers children to take the wheel and control their own game-play experience by customizing karts and collaborating with other kids to complete community challenges and unlock rewards. The app features new karts every week and themed events to keep kids engaged as they play games from their favorite PBS KIDS series, including WILD KRATTS, ARTHUR and THE CAT IN THE HAT KNOWS A LOT ABOUT THAT!

The free tablet app is available for iOS today, and coming soon for Android and Google Play.