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Time Ripens Quickly

Photo-A-Day #1916

These blackberries are so tempting. The thing is they grow at the edge of the driveway and right in the spot where Uncle Mike sits in his running car (believe me we’ve tried to get him to stop) so these blackberries have been fed on runoff, exhaust fumes and god knows what else. But they look so good. Although these ones were crawling with some sort of ants and that dropped the appeal factor way down. Continue reading Time Ripens Quickly

Roadblocks and Roadbuster

Photo-a-Day #1767

I have many projects in the works and when that happens I can easily start self sabotage. Perceived roadblocks pop up many times from our own minds. I have been working very hard to make a name for myself as a blogger worth knowing. I’m also working hard to be a blog consultant that people want to work with. I haven’t said much about a couple of my projects because I’ve been keeping them on the back burner but they are now ready for prime time.

Continue reading Roadblocks and Roadbuster