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Zelda and Nostalgia

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00053

The Legend of Zelda is my all time favorite video game. Sure, I’ve [played games with way better graphics and more but there was a great thing about The Legend of Zelda. It was a challenging game and I spent many hours playing it. Leveling up Link to make him stronger and faster and harder to kill. It was one of the first games that saved your progress without need of a code or anything. There was a battery inside the game that keep your progress saved. I used to talk about this game with friend from school all the time. I remember my Nintendo Power magazines with tips and tricks on how to play the game.

Cut to several years later and the Nintendo Switch released The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. When I played that game the imagination I had of the land of Hyrule came to full HD life. It made me feel like I was a kid again and how excited I was to play Zelda and be a part of that world. I plan on introducing this to the kids. Not sure if they will have the same love of the game as I did nut I can hope.

Infinity War Fever Heating Up Here!!!

Loot Crate Infinity Gauntlet

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I cannot wait for tomorrow morning when I get to finally see Avengers Infinity War. This movie with 10 years worth of backstory is the biggest one that Marvel Studios has ever told and already the reviews are coming in as spectacular. earlier this week a bunch of my friends like Tessa from Mama’s Geeky and James from The Rock Father went out to California to attend the red PURPLE Carpet premiere of Avengers Infinity War. They have each also posted SPOILER FREE reviews of the movie and they are excellent reviews. Just give their blogs a click to go right to those reviews.

What have I been doing to stave off the sever case of FOMO that I am having at seeing my friends frolic with the cast of this amazing movie? I have been building LEGO sets. I have also been making a few videos. the first video is actually an unboxing of the latest Loot Crate that arrived just in time for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. You can see what I am talking about in the video below.

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