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Review: Littlest Pet Shop: Petacular Escapades

Littlest Pet Shop: Petacular Escapades

We received a copy of the latest Littlest Pet Shop DVD compilation to watch and review. Opinions are 100% our own.

The Littlest Pet Shop is one of those shows that Eva will watch when it is on. She always enjoys it but it is not on our DVR rotation for recording (Which is good because it is new season time and Momma and Dada have their shows to watch). So, it is good that we were able to get a copy of this DVD so Eva could catch up on the episodes from the show.

While the show does not have the same following of a My Little Pony it is still smartly written and many of the characters are voiced by the same cast as MLP so there is some crossover in audience. The show itself is cute and has some funny moments that even parents will get. Blythe is a good character, she’s smart, funny and does her own thing even when bullies try and keep her down. It is good to see some stronger female characters in programs.

The stars are really the pets in the pet shop, they all have their own personalities and they can talk with Blythe, who can understand them. She and the pets get into all sorts of adventures. Five of those adventures are on this DVD.

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LITTLEST PET SHOP Comes Home on DVD 1/15/2013

The Littlest Pet ShopThe newest original programming from Hasbro Studios on the Hub network is The Littlest Pet Shop. We’ve seen commercials for this new show and Eva hasn’t asked to watch it yet but I bet it will soon be filling up our DVR. Hasbro has been really good about working with Shout Factory to put out their shows onto DVD and Blu-Ray pretty quickly. Since this series just debuted this DVD release is pretty quick in coming. I think kids are going to really enjoy it. Continue reading LITTLEST PET SHOP Comes Home on DVD 1/15/2013