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Comic Book Review & Giveaway: The Only Living Boy

The other day I got a message in my inbox from Comic creator David Gallaher. He and Steve Ellis have created a new young adult graphic novel called The Only Living Boy. David sent me the first issue in .PDF form which I read and enjoyed. I also enjoyed Steve’s artistic work on the book. I looked back over some of the things that both men have done and I have a few of their books in my collection dating back to the days when I only collected Wildstorm comics.

The book was an interesting read. A boy is on the run and ends up in another world, or maybe it is the same world but a different time, that will probably be revealed as the story progresses. Already there is a colorful cast of characters and some mystery.

The main character Erik Farrell is on the run from something. We don’t know exactly from what but he ends up in this other world and is again on the run from the strange and fantastic creatures there. Erik find his courage and that is when the story really begins.

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