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The Start of Something New

Photo-A-Day #1854

Today I attended the first gathering for the Young Professionals Organization. The YPO was borne out of the need for 20-30 somethings to network together in person in a way that we network. A bit of a backlash to the already established organizations that we would not be a part of because those organizations hold little appeal to us. However, I also see it as part of a stepping stone to bring us into the fold of those older organizations somewhere down the road when we are older as well. Continue reading The Start of Something New

A Visit from Dina Riccobono

Photo-A-Day #1674

Today was a very awesome day. Allison and Eva and I have been looking forward to our visit from Dina Riccobono ever since she mentioned coming to see us a little over a week ago. Dina was in New York all this week for AdTech and Audience. I missed out on a couple very good conferences from what I heard and I really would have loved to have seen Ted Murphy, Ashley Edwards, Murray Newlands and John Raser again. Well, there is always Affiliate Summit West 2010.

Continue reading A Visit from Dina Riccobono