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Dashing Through the 100 Acre Woods

Photo-A-Day #2071

Christmas time is here and now we have decorations ending up all over the place. We’ll be getting ready for the holiday. this weekend we will go and get ourselves a tree for our dining room. That is where we set it up. We’ll also be attending a family Christmas party on the weekend. I love this time of year. I also love the Christmas specials and when TV shows do Christmas Episodes. Continue reading Dashing Through the 100 Acre Woods


Photo-A-Day #1506

I love having a day where you have nothing planned. We are such over-scheduled people that we sometimes cannot have fun in the moment because we have to rush off to something else. Today was one of those rare days where we had nowhere to be and no agenda. Rather than bum around the house we decided to take advantage of our Zoo New England passes. We took a ride into Boston to go to Franklin Park Zoo.

The zoo is nearly 100 years old (100 years in 2012) and it is one pretty nice zoo. There are many excellent exhibits and a wide variety of animals. We immediately saw Zebras and Wildebeasts in a large habitat. There were even viewing stations up high so that you could see the animals better. I think they should have had a few of those for some of the more exciting animals like the tigers or the lion though. We spent about 5 hours there walking around, taking photos, having lunch and of course riding the carousel. The carousel is Eva’s newest obsession. She never tires of it and she wants to ride by herself. She was pushing my hands and Allison’s hands off of that middle pole down each animal. We had to hold our hands directly behind her and out of sight to make sure that we were right there if she started to slip. She did not, she held tight and went round and round for 6 separate spins on the carousel. She rode the Lion, The Tiger, The Dog (2x) the Zebra and one of the horses. Get the all day pass and just keep riding, it is worth it at $6.00 if it makes your kid happy and it certainly made Eva one happy camper.

You can check out my latest gallery on Flickr with all of our photos from the trip to Franklin Park Zoo.