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The Last of the Tomatoes

Photo-A-Day #3469

I think that we have seen the very last of the tomatoes for the season. Our tomatoe plant has seen much better days and the tomatoes that are one the plant are tiny and unripe. They are also starting to fall off the plant or have been knocked off by animals or Andrew. I found these two little ones and liked how they looked. Cool coloring on each of them.

SwagsGiving 2 Giveaway: Growums Pizza Garden

Today’s SwagsGiving Giveaway is not a toy but it is pretty wonderful none the less. I’m talking about a Growums Pizza Garden. Growums are complete kits for growing your own vegetables. Each kit comes with four different herbs and vegetables plus special pellets that magically grow when water is added to them. Eva’s been so excited to get started with Growums and I’ve been excited because we now have a house with a garden area and I look forward to being able to grow our own food.

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