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Opening Mystery Surprizamalz Series 1 Cuties – Blind Bag Unboxing


We were given some Surprizamals Series 1 Cuties for free in order to review and play with. Opinions are 100% our own.

The kids open some mystery Surprizamalz capsules. Surprizamals are cute, collectible pop out play friends love to hide in Surprizaballs, so you never know which pet you’ll get! Cuties are teeny tiny and oh so cute! They are made of soft plush and these adorable animals are cuddly, soft and snuggly. With 12 pop out play friends to collect, these fun Surprizamals Cuties include must-have chasers and ultra-rare Surprizamals pets. Pop them open for hours of fun and start collecting today! The MSRP is $4.99 Ages 3+.

The kids loved these little animals. They were thrilled to pen them up and discover what was inside. I can only imagine how excited they would be to open the larger Suprizamalz. There are three various lines at this time. There are the cuties (exclusive to Justice), the small ones like the kids opened, the Softies which are larger and they are everywhere and then the Wackys line that is exclusive to Toys R US. You can go to the Surprizamals site and see how collectible all the characters are because there are collectors, Rare and Ultra-Rare Surprizamals. What ones will you find?

Opening Mystery Blind Bag Emojiez Series 1 Plushiez, Buddiez and Squishiez

The Kids love emojiez

We received a bunch of Emojiez toys from Fun 2 Play Toys for free in exchange for an honest review. Opinions are 100% our own.

The kids help me open, unbox and review a bunch of blind bag Emojiez, Buddiez and Squishiez. The kids loved opening these but all Andrew wanted was Smelvin, the Poop Emojiez character. Emojiez are character that are fun to collect, trade and each tell their own story. Based on your favorite existing emoji’s, the Emojiez characters play on the digital emoji trend, bringing these beloved characters to life.

These are some cute little figures. The price point for the Buddiez is very low, only $1 each and a 3pack for $1.99. That is a great point for an impulse buy at the register. The figures are well done, too. They look nice and have a little trading card that tells you their name and story. The kids also liked the Plushiez figures and Andrew gave Allison the “Money Tongue” one, which was actually vomit. His heart was in the right place. You can see what else they thought of the figures in the video below.

The Emojiez line is made up of 12 characters with unique personalities that include Romeo, the hopeless romantic, Knuckle, the champion fighter, Donny who loves to live large and Smelvin, who stinks but is lovable nonetheless. Emojiez will be available as clolectible plus and vinyl characters known as “Plushiez” and “Buddiez” along with crafts and accessory sets to come out in 2017, building on the excitement of Emojiez.