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Unboxing the New The Last Kids on Earth Toys from Jakks Pacific

Andy Playing with The Last Kids on Earth Toys

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00485

Back on April 17th Jakks Pacific sent me a HUGE box of The Last Kids on Earth toys for free. I could play with them and review them as I wished. Opinions are my own and these are fun toys. I know that they are fun toys because I got a kick out of them, Andy played for hours with them and continues to do so and the toys are very show accurate. It makes a big difference when care is taken to make the figures look like they do in the show. I do wish, however that there were larger figures of the kids. More like 3.5 inch Action Figures or larger. The size they are is great for imaginative play and use with the monsters and the playset. I guess if you want to have the right scale then if you make the kids bigger the monsters would be huge.

The monsters have great detail and action areas. Each one has a weak spot so that they can be knocked over with a disk shooter. The different disk shooters are a hoot. They also take into consideration the show. Each disk has a feat of apocalyptic success on one side and a makeshift weapon on the other. I do want to make it known that the kids do not go around killing zombies. The mess with them but do not kill them because they used to be people. The kids either avoid the zombies or steal their hats and stuff. They did capture one and use it as bait in the second season. I have a full review of the toys in the video below.

Once I had completed the review Andy wanted to play with the toys. He especially loves the Louisville Slicer, Jack’s major weapon. With it he helped to fell Blargh, the big bad of the first book and first season of the show. The Louisville slicer is cool because as you play with it you get to battle more and more monsters. Andy loves that. He got pretty far.

The Last Kids on Earth Toys

In all these are some pretty terrific toys, lots of fun and they go along great with the series on Netflix plus the book series by Max Brallier.

Build a Snowman and Stay Warm? Yes You Can With Build Buddiez Snowman Sets

Eva and her snowman

Salus Brands sent us a 3 pack of their Build BuddiezTM Snowman for free for us to try out and review. Opinions are our own.

It has been a fairly mild Winter so far. The kids have had one single opportunity to build a snowman outside. That’s pretty weak for living in New England. There are so many factors behind being able to build a snowman outside, though. Is there enough snow? Is it the right kind of snow? Do you have a day off of school? It is a wonder that they have ever gotten to build a snowman outside with all those factors.

Well, they don’t have to rely on the weather to make the perfect snowman. I let the kids try out the new Build BuddiezTM Snowman and their imaginations did the creating.

Andrew and his Snowman

Andrew opted for a more traditional snowman design where Eva went for something a bit more whimsical. They each got one of the Build BuddiezTM Snowman containers from the package fo 3 that we received. Each container has material to put together a fun snowman and each container in the three pack comes with unique items including eyes, mouths and accessories. The snowman is made with moldable putty and so you can roll that perfect snowman body like an idyllic winter’s snowfall. Then you have all sorts of accessories to add to it to make it your own. There are 6 different snowmen in the series. I have more details below as well as links (Amazon Affiliate Links) so that you can pick some up for your own kids. Continue reading Build a Snowman and Stay Warm? Yes You Can With Build Buddiez Snowman Sets