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Riding the Rails, or Rather, Stuck on the Tracks

Photo-A-Day #3093

This morning I got up early and headed down to New York City for the Annual Time to Play Holiday Showcase. I’ve been going to this event for years and it is a great one for making contacts and coming home with some of the newest fun toys to play with and review. Taking the train down gets me there after the big press conference and puts me at the event right as the show floor is opening. Not this year. Continue reading Riding the Rails, or Rather, Stuck on the Tracks

The NYC Morning Commute

Photo-A-Day #3064

Okay, so I didn’t take a cab back to the train station. I hardly ever take a cab in NYC. I walk everywhere and I end up feeling it and paying the price after that. I walked from my hotel over on 39th and Lexington to Penn station over on 31st and 8th (I usually go in at that entrance). I got there in plenty of time because my train was delayed from a derailment earlier in the line. It was about an hour delay and I got onto the train without any issue. The ride home was productive and I worked on a bunch of posts.

I got home and spent some time with the family playing some games and having fun. They had gone to Roger Williams Park Zoo for the afternoon and had a great time. Eva was very excited about the Big Backyard playground and the fact that they have a trading area where she could trade things like rocks for other things like shells. It was nice to finally get home.