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Looney Toons Hot Wheels Character Cars – And a Special Guardians of the Galaxy Character Car

Looney Toons Character Cars
Photo-A-Day #4329

I woke up pretty sick this morning. For most of the morning I wasn’t feeling well at all. I need to get caught up at Koko Fit Club, however, because I still need to complete 12 sessions on the cardio and the strength equipment. While I wasn’t feeling like it would be a good idea to do strength I did go and do the cardio for a couple of sessions instead. I did a few sessions until I was no longer feeling like sticking around would be the best thing to do.

I left the gym and headed over toward Gamestop because I was looking for the new Knight Rider Fun Pack for LEGO Dimensions. But when I got over that way I wasn’t feeling up to it so I wandered Toys R Us instead. While I was there I was looking for some Transformers but instead found the remaining Looney Toons Hot Wheels character cars. I was continuing down the Hot Wheels aisle and my eye was drawn to the words, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. There I found a baby Groot Go Kart character car. While there were no other ones the back of the toy shows a newly painted Rocket, a Yondu character and possibly a repainted Gamora. I wasn’t even aware that these would be hitting the shelves anytime soon/ The movie isn’t for a couple of months. I was really surprised and happy to find this.

Toy Overload – Avengers, Transformers and TMNT!!!

Hasbro Transformers Alt Modes Blind Bags
Photo-A-Day #4314

It has been a little while since I’ve done a complete Toy Haul type video. I’ve been picking a few things up recently and looking at how I can better show the toys as I review, unbox and talk about them. I picked up a new little table to use after seeing one at Brian’s house. I’ll be using that in tomorrow’s video. The toys I mention int his post are for reviews that I want to do on my other blog, Big Damn Kid. I’m trying to break it up a bit with all the Transformers comic books.

Speaking of those. I have been feverishly trying to get way ahead on them because of next week’s trip to San Diego for Dad 2.0. I’m real excited to get out there but I don’t want to lose the momentum of the new channel. I can’t exactly say why I’m going so hard after it since it isn’t really generating an audience yet. I will have to start watching some Transformers videos and see if I can attract anyone to the new channel and blog. I love Transformers and it has been years of my collecting them. I even went to my parent’s this past week and looked through my collection. I didn’t do too much crawling around to get to everything but there are quite a few boxes in the attic. I’d like to go through my whole collection as individual review videos. Some unboxing videos and more. We’ll see. For now I have the video below of some of my more recent purchases.